IBM thinks the future belongs to computers that mimic the human brain and use quantum physics … and they’re betting $3 billion on it.
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Northern Uganda. #aghub
The only thing stronger than your imagination is your imagination connected to the billions of other imaginations all over the world, connected to smart machines that continue to get smarter, faster.
— Rita King (via inthenoosphere)

How should we choose among these dueling, high-profile…findings? Ioannidis suggests a simple approach: ignore them all…we consume thousands of nutrients that act together as a sort of network, and changing intake of just one of them is bound to cause ripples throughout the network that are far too complex…to detect…

'…The scientific enterprise is probably the most fantastic achievement in human history, but that doesn’t mean we have a right to overstate what we’re accomplishing.'

We could solve much of the wrongness problem…if the world simply stopped expecting scientists to be right…being wrong in science is fine, and even necessary—as long as scientists…report their mistake openly instead of disguising it as a success, and then move on to the next thing…But as long as careers remain contingent on producing a stream of research that’s dressed up to seem more right than it is, scientists will keep delivering exactly that.

'Science is a noble endeavor, but it’s also a low-yield endeavor,' …'I’m not sure that more than a very small percentage of medical research is ever likely to lead to major improvements in clinical outcomes and quality of life. We should be very comfortable with that fact.'

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
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